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Net Vol. 500ml
& 1000ml

AirFreshner <br> Net Vol. 500ml <br>& 1000ml - Shine India

Product Features

Air Freshner
* Concentrated perfume air Freshener spray without
harmful gases & propellalts.
* Air deodorant & sanitizer Formula.
kill 80% air bourne germs.
* Six spray squirt covers 200sq.ft.
Bright Shine air Freshener one spray squirt is equal to 20 spray squirt of traditional aerosol air
Applications :
For all areas where one need freshness in the atmosphere.
Instructions :
Small Rooms : Spray once or twice upwards in the centre of the room.
Large Rooms : Spray proportionately more upwards in the centre.
Rinse and dry hands after use.
Not recommended to use on fabrics, furniture or plastic surface
Caution :
• Keep away from heat & heat sources
• Keep away from Children
• If contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water
• For external use only Caution: