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Surface Cleaner
Net Vol. 500ml
& 1000ml

Surface Cleaner<br> Net Vol. 500ml <br>& 1000ml - Shine India

Product Features

Surface Cleaner

Direction For Use :
Floor and bathroom surface
use 50 ml in half bucket of water 4 litre gently mop the surface. No need to rinse.
Kitchen Surfaces :
Use undiluted apply on duty dirty area leave for 10 minutes and rinse.
Safe on all surface :
Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Mosaic etc.
Active ingredients :
Coco Dye, E. D. T. A, Benzine, I. P, 4. 06 % wn also contain carmoisine 9.5, non iconic surfactant perfume, preservative water.
For external use only : Do not mix with any other household cleaner or acid keep out to of reach children avoid contact with Eyes.