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Buy Toilet Cleaner 500 ML & Get Free Glass Cleaner 500 ML

Buy Toilet Cleaner 500 ML & Get Free Glass Cleaner 500 ML - Shine India

Product Features

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Direction For Use :
Introducing Quadra Clean Agent that makes the thick liquid to stay longer on the commode so that the quadra clean agents can work harder to make  your toilet extraordinary clean and sparkling. Bright Shine+ is complete solution to remove stains and fight.
odour from toilet bowl. Bright Shine works well in both Indian and western toilet and is safe for septic tanks.

Squeeze the liquid around the bowl under the rim. Leave for 20 minutes, brush then flush.
Caution :
Keep out of reach of Children. In cash of accidental contact wash of with water and consult doctor.
Use only for toilet Bowl /Basin.

Glass Cleaner

Direction For Use :
Glass and Food preparation areas, tables, chairs, paint work Formica, window mirror, Chrome glass doors, cabinets, telephone etc.
Introduction :
Versatile formulation clean Windows spray small quantity on area to cleaned. Wipe clean with clean, dry lint free cloth.
For external use only

Do not mix with any other household cleaner or acid keep out of reach children avoid contact with Eyes.